How is Quanta Different?

vs. Mint®, Quicken®, You Need a Budget®, Personal Capital®, and others.

Quanta is a financial app you'll actually keep using.

Why will I keep using it?

  1. It is easy.
  2. It will improve your relationship with money.

After securely connecting your accounts Quanta requires no work from you, and Quanta builds a healthier relationship between you and your money, and that feels good.

How will it improve my relationship with money?

Quanta introduces a simple new way to think about money.

  • FOCUS ON ONE NUMBER: Are you living profitably day-to-day? Financial freedom is built on surpluses. By staying in touch with your daily profit/loss you develop a feel for two things: 1) how much extra you have to spend and 2) the rewarding feeling of generating a surplus.

  • DO IT DAILY: Quanta makes financial 'check-in' more of a daily thing thereby reducing the mystery and stress of "What's going on with my money?" Quanta puts you in touch with your money so you feel on-top-of it without obsessing about it.

Build financial freedom with the help of Quanta.

Budgets Are Dead

Who makes a budget then really uses it? The creators of Quanta certainly never have, so *budgets have no place in Quanta*. We believe there are much more useful ways to think about your spending.

Quanta focuses on the reality of what you spend instead of wasting time on a plan that is immediately ignored.

Quanta Is On Your Side

  • You pay us $5 per month - you are our customer and our priority.
  • We don't sell advertising and we don't sell your data.

About the Free Financial Apps

We'd never use a free financial product and think you shouldn't either, here's why:

Have you ever heard the saying:

    "If it is free, then you are the product"

Your attention and information are valuable. If you're getting an online service for free, it is because the company makes money by selling your attention, selling your information, or both. Read their privacy policies for all the gory details.

At Quanta we decided at the beginning to make our money directly from our users so that we can always do what's right for you.

What's right for you is right for our business.

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Why Quanta Isn't Free