Did You Live Profitably Yesterday?

Quanta helps you Build Financial Freedom with a totally new way of thinking about money.

You’ve never seen your money like this before.

* Works with banks in the USA, UK, and Canada

Financial Progress.

Awareness → Profitability → Freedom

① Know your numbers.
② Get and stay profitable.
③ Build independence.

Quanta makes it easy to see how it’s going daily, weekly and monthly.

Companies know if they are operating at a surplus or a deficit, now you can too.

Your # will be used once and is not stored.

The Most Valuable Notification of Your Day

Your secret weapon against casual spending.

Every morning Quanta lets you know how yesterday turned out helping you dial-in spending to extend streaks of profitability.


When it comes to your money Knowledge Is Power.


Know where your money really goes across categories, recurring expenses, base expenses, and recipients.


Know much you actually take home every day.


Know whether you’re living profitably any given day, week, or month. Dig in to see money in/out in any period.


See your big financial picture with savings buffer, Savings Rate, and Safe Withdrawal Rate.


Designed from the start to protect your financial information

Quanta securely imports transactions then runs our unique 'quantization' process to deliver a totally new perspective on your money.

Securely connect your accounts and Quanta does the rest.


Money doesn't need to be totally terrifying.


No data entry! Once your accounts are connected Quanta does all the work for you every night while you sleep.


Knowledge is power and control is fun. Whatever your financial situation, with focus on progress money becomes a fun and rewarding game to play.


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Quanta Pays for Itself

Find Wasted Money - New members often find recurring charges that were 'flying under the radar' and other expenses that can be cut painlessly - then Quanta helps maintain profitable living over the long term.

We Serve You

Our business model makes your happiness our priority. We put your privacy and data protection first and continually improve Quanta to better help you achieve financial freedom.

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A totally new way to think about your money,
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